Retirement livery package

Clean pastures




WINTER BARN £50pw/£220pcm (basic) £55pw/£240pcm(health plan – see below)

• During the wet winter month’s horses have access to straw bedded barns
• Barns have a large outside area of hardstanding with access to ad lib hay/haylage in rounded feeders.
• There is also access to extensive well drained grazing so the horses are free to move around to their hearts content.
• Twice daily checks
• Regular feet picking and rug changes
• Weekly photos taken so owners can see their furry friends if they are unable to see them in person
• Additional summer grazing when horses are out 24/7 to allow winter grazing to 


• Holding for dentist, vet, farrier
• Routine worming and worm egg counts at extra cost *

*Health Plan option includes:

• 6 trims by qualified farrier
• Flu/tetanus vaccination
• Routine dentistry (check and rasp)• Worming and worm egg counts


STABLED RETIREMENT £65pw/£280pcm (basic) £85pw/£368pcm (health plan – see above)

• Individual stable at night throughout winter months
• Daily feed, check over, rug change and turn out
• Full muck out 
• Feed x2 suitable to your horse’s requirements
• Ad lib hay/haylage.
• Extensive well drained turnout
• Additional summer grazing allowing winter grazing to rest
• Routine worming and worm counts at extra cost *



Minor ailments like foot abscesses and thrush are dealt with in house so no extra cost of a vet unless needed.

Summer time horses are brought in on a regular basis to have a thorough check over.

Fly spray and sun cream applied as required.

Tombstone feeders so no sharp corners or gaps to get head stuck in.
Horses fed adlib haylage on hard standing so don't have to stand in mud. Can come and go as they please.
Bedded down for horses to go in and as they wish
Well drained grazing
Hard standing for the winter months
A bit of Spring sun on your back is always appreciated after Winter
Wonder what these 2 are plotting